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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Started

Hi Everyone,
As you can see we have started working on the ZLRN Blog here. Suggestions and comments are welcome. I was hoping to find a blog template that would allow us 3 columns but, I like Blog Spot and they only had one generic one with 3. So this is it. I still have some investigating to do. I would like for each of our Broadcasters to have their own "about me" page. But for now, we will just give general show information along with their Stickam player.

Who can Broadcast on ZLRN? Just about anyone!

Vloggers & Video Creators: Your Youtube Video will be added to our Weekly ZLRN Favs Playlist on our Youtube channel.

Audio Podcasters: Your Podcast will be added to our Radio Line Up on the 24 hour Zen Live Radio Stream.

Indie Music Artists: Your Track(s) will be added to our Radio Line Up on the Zen Live Radio 24 hour Radio Stream.

Content Guidelines ~
 1st: Your content MUST be original, by you ( or your band ).
 2nd: No Copyrighted Material without verifiable  license.
 3rd: Any format except "Club, Rap, or Heavy Metal". (You get the idea)
 4th: You understand that the content you provide is broadcast in a number of venues ( Live Streams, Youtube ) that are Monetized or Sponsored. 

What's in it for You?
More Air Play, Exposure to new untapped audiences, Advertisement of your Website, CD/Track Sales and/or Merch site.

If interested, simply E-mail Us at ZenLiveRadio@Gmail.com and tell us where or when we can listen in to see if you fit our programing format.

Keep watching, I will be adding alot here over the next few weeks.

Until then... Be Well! Zen Archer

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