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Saturday, July 20, 2013

 As of today ( July 20th ) we are completely moved over to the New and Improved Zen Live Radio Sever ( Listen Page at http://tinyurl.com/Listen2ZenLiveNow ).  What this means for us is a much improved control panel and easier access to our playlists, new DJ Log-ins and, settings.  What it means for you, our listeners, is twice as many of you can listen simultaneously.  In addition, we are currently in alpha testing of our Android App to make it easier to "Take it with you", any place you happen to be. 
If you would be interested in helping to Alpha Test the TZLN App, please drop us an e-mail at ZenLiveRadio@gmail.com with the subject "Android App". 

Have a Great Saturday & Be Well! ~ Zen   

Monday, July 8, 2013

She is more than a Robot, Steph Breaks into Robot Soccer!

With a smile sweet as candy and a voice like honey, who would expect to hear the indie-pop meets indi-folk singer songwriter during a robot soccer game?   Well it happened!   Steph Barrak posted the Video below on her youtube channel Saturday.

Congrats Steph!

Steph Barrak is one of our New Artists on ZenLiveRadio & is one of our Featured Artist in our July Video Showcase on the Zenliveradio channel at youtube.

Fans and friends can get Stephs Music, Keep up with her live performances and more on her website:


 AM 774 Listen To The World radio show played my song "Robot" for a segment about Robocup, a soccer tournament held in the Netherlands played exclusively by robots.

Listen to the full song (and others) here: http://www.stephbarrak.com/music

Learn more about Robocup here: http://www.robocup2013.org/

Link to the full segment here: http://t.am774.com/Apps/Live/?s=/Prog...

Until Next Time... Be Well! ~ Zen

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July TZLN Artists Update

All New Artists Added to the Zen Live Radio Stream . This Playlist includes 6 New Artists Videos. You can find this and more Videos and playlists by Zen Live Radio By Clicking Here!


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